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Freedom wireless Broadband is based on the iBurst wireless broadband system developed by Personal Broadband Australia.  The service uses the use the high quality ArrayCom wireless broadband equipment and is deployed through a number of tower base stations across metropolitan Sydney.  The iBurst system uses a non line of site technology, that means that (just like mobile phones) you do not need to be able to see the tower to be able to get broadband Internet.

The iBurst system is based on IntelliCell technology from ArrayComm in the US to attain the extreme levels of efficiency in usage of the available radio frequency.

Through the use of advanced algorithms, IntelliCell’s fully adaptive smart antenna technology dynamically adjusts signal patterns to and from each subscriber, creating a “personal cell” for efficient delivery of voice or data services. These personal cells follow people as they move, reducing radio interference.

With IntelliCell, each base station uses a small array of off-the shelf antennas coupled with ArrayComm’s sophisticated signal processing techniques to dynamically control radio signals between the base station and the user terminal. The signal processing selectively amplifies each user’s intended signal and rejects all unwanted signals, allowing greater numbers of users to share the spectrum. The result is a significant increase in capacity and coverage that leads to substantial reductions in the costs for infrastructure deployment, network operations, system maintenance and radio spectrum.


Conventional base stations, unlike IntelliCell equipped-base stations, transmit energy in all directions. In this instance, only a small fraction of the signal reaches the intended subscriber. The rest of the RF energy is wasted and generates noise that interferes with other users in the system. More recent techniques of “pointing” a signal to the intended user are hampered by the abundance of physical obstacles like buildings and trees that make such line-of-sight transmission impossible.

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It's a lightweight PCMCIA card with a small extending aerial, providing always on connectivity anywhere within the network coverage area, even at speeds in excess of 100 km/hr.

Use it....plug it in...turn it on

Connect your iBurst Laptop Modem to a laptop or compatible PDA to enjoy true mobile broadband access.

At home, at work or at Uni, In the bus, train, taxi or on a ferry
At the library, airport, in a meeting or off-site, At the beach, the park or anywhere under coverage. Just kicking back or flying down the freeway

PCMCIA for laptop or handheld

The iBurst Desktop Modem adds the advantages of wireless portability to all the benefits of a fixed broadband connection. Similar in appearance to a traditional modem, it is mains powered, has a small, yet powerful antenna and offers the flexibility of both Ethernet and USB ports.

Make any spot hot

You can move between rooms, homes, businesses or even        cities. The iBurst Desktop Modem can be connected to a single computer or to a network of computers.

Are you being served?
To create your own Wireless network simply attach the iBurst Desktop modem to a compatible Wireless router for shared access between multiple users.

Desktop Modem
iBurst costs around the same price as ADSL


What do I get?

KTECH Mobile Express

KTECH E Mobile Flyer

Price per month



Download Speed

1 Mbps

1 Mbps

Upload Speed

345 Kbps

345 Kbps

Unlimited hours

Download limits

10 GB ^


Excess download charges



Personal web space



Remote access to email

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