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iProMOH - Music and Message Announcer
The Interalia iProMOH is an affordable and intelligent solution that solves all the typical problems associated with promotional on-hold and in-store music/message announcement systems.

The iProMOH turns an in-store public address system into a powerful marketing tool. It can play background music for store patrons, introduce products or services, promote in-store sales
campaigns, reinforce company advertising and answer frequently asked questions. Download Brochure
Polycom ViaVideo II
Polycom's ViaVideo II combines the power of a high-quality camera, microphone and multimedia processor in a compact and portable system that easily connects to the USB port on your PC. With the integrated high-performance multimedia processor, ViaVideo II allows you to effectively conference and run your other PC applications at the same time. With its Windows-like, graphical user interface and dual monitor support for expanded desktop workspace, ViaVideo II offers elegantly simple navigation.
Polycom ViewStation EX
The Polycom ViewStation EX sets a new standard in price and performance for the mid range video conferencing systems, delivering advanced technology, specifically designed for video conferencing, including superior audio pickup with 360-degree microphone that enables meeting participants to be heard from anywhere in the room. Polycom's user interface is easy to use with on-screen graphics, and easy to navigate with colour-coded remote controls. Going beyond face-to-face meetings, laptops can be quickly connected to Polycom video systems with dedicated devices that make sharing content as easy as pushing a button.
Polycom ViewStation SP128 and SP384
At a fraction of the cost of competing video communication systems, the Polycom ViewStation SP128 and SP384 provides high quality, enhanced video with exceptional sound clarity – enabling full duplex digital audio with noise suppression and echo cancellation. The SP128 and SP384 also feature a unique voice tracking camera system, which automatically focuses on the speaker within the conference room.
Polycom VSX 3000
The Polycom VSX 3000 is a stylish and compact video conferencing system that provides excellent video and audio quality. Featuring an integrated LCD screen, the Polycom VSX 3000 is the perfect video conferencing solution for executive suites and remote offices. As a fully integrated video conferencing system, the Polycom VSX 3000 is easier to use in a shared environment delivering ease of use with powerful video and audio performance. The Polycom VSX 3000 can also act as a PC display when not in a video call – saving valuable desk space.
Polycom ViewStation 4000
The Polycom ViewStation 4000 provides the highest performance, most feature-rich, rack-mountable group video conferencing system in the Polycom ViewStation product line. ViewStation 4000 delivers near TV-quality video and superior audio to meet the most demanding video communications needs for custom conference rooms, auditoriums, boardrooms, and classrooms.
Polycom VSX 7000
With unparalleled crisp, clear audio, the Polycom VSX 7000 makes an impact that's as powerful as being in the same room. The VSX brings you near CD quality audio by delivering Polycom VSX Siren™14 Plusaudio with an integrated midrange speaker and subwoofer, paired with a 360-degree microphone. That means you'll be able to speak to and hear other people in the conference as if they're sitting right next to you, no matter where in the world they're really located.
The Polycom VSX 7000 uses the industry's most advanced technology, H.264 and Pro-Motion™, providing such exceptionally natural, smooth-motion video, that you'll feel as if you're watching your favorite movie.
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