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What is a Business ADSL Account?
A business ADSL account provides fast access to the Internet for businesses that need a fast, dedicated connection to the Internet. ADSL works over normal phone lines and does not interfere with phone or fax. That is, you can talk on the phone or fax on the same line that you use the Internet.

Who can benefit from a Business ADSL Account?
Business ADSL is excellent for small and medium-sized businesses that have multiple computers to which they wish to connect to the Internet. In fact, using Network Address Translation (NAT), you can connect your entire network of computers to the Internet using the optional static IP address that we provide with each business DSL account.

We can also provide multiple IP addresses for those businesses that wish to run multiple email and Web servers.

Our Technical Support Team

Excellent Technical Support
Kangaroo Tech employs a staff of professional, knowledgeable, and friendly technical support staff available on 61 0416 229 228. Our support professionals are committed to helping you get online and to helping you if any problems arise.

Reliable and Powerful Systems
An account with Kangaroo Tech provides a reliable Internet connection. We are always striving to give you the best service possible by upgrading to the latest standards based technologies. Our redundant backbone connections help you maintain productivity by providing alternate routes of access to the Internet.

Full VPN Support
Kangaroo Tech's wide network provides access to business to use advanced Virtual Private Network services to link their offices nationwide. Kangaroo Tech provides both network centric MPLS VPNs as well as client based IPSEC VPNs. For a full discussion of the available VPN options from Kangaroo Tech please contact our network team at 61 0416 229 228.

Key Features
Uncensored access for multiple Computers Technical Support
Internet E-mail services Continuous, High Speed Digital Access
Online Account Manager Powerful E-mail Filtering Tools
Thousands of Usenet Newsgroups One or more static IP addresses
Free Anti-Spam and Anti-Virus Quarantining Abundant Network Capacity
Internet Chat & Instant Messaging Eliminate connect/disconnect hassles
99.9% uptime Online Gaming

In this competitive world, your business has to be faster, more efficient and much more cost effective than ever before. Having instant access to information and being able to e-communicate with your business partners and your customers within milliseconds is what makes for an outstanding business. Everyday more and more Australian businesses are building a more competitive, more responsive operation by connecting to Veritel's Business ADSL.

All of our business grade plans are packaged with 10 FREE emails, FREE web hosting with 50Mb of FREE web space and 24/7 support.

Monthly Speed Download limit
$69.00 256/64K Unlimited
$99.00 512/128K Unlimited
$219.00 1.5MB/256K Unlimited

All pricing is for Metro areas (call for regional pricing). Pricing includes GST and applies to ADSL connections within the metro area. Based on 6 month contract.

All plans are governed by Kangaroo Tech terms and conditions

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