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KU Band

Kangaroo Tech iprovide high performance private broadband networks for corporations and small to medium companies. The satellite based service is available virtually anywhere and provides cost effective delivery for:

  • Private IP or Intranet
  • Internet
  • Multicast Streaming of Video /Audio
  • Multicast package delivery for data files
  • Private or Public Telephony

The Kangaroo Tech network is based on the highly successful "DIRECWAY" technology developed and operated by Hughes in the USA and Europe. We can provide data and telephony services to virtually any location in Australia at extremely competitive rates.

KU Band
Portable Mobile Dish
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The technology used for this  network is the most advanced satellite broadband system in Australia. The network is based on the successful DirecWay system developed by Hughes Network Systems and operated by Hughes in the USA and Europe .

The heart of the Kangarootech Broadband system is the Network Operations Centre or NOC. The NOC is the hub of the network and is located within an advanced satellite teleport. The NOC provides Up and Down linking to the satellite, as well as the monitoring and control functions. The NOC encrypts the data streams as well as issuing unique software keys and configuration parameters to each site on the network.

The service is optimised for IP traffic and employs the Hughes Performance Enhanced Protocol (PEP). PEP improves significantly the performance of satellite IP applications over satellite. It achieves this using a number of techniques that include; reducing protocol overhead such as “Acknowledgments” and providing local caching.

Services and content to be provided to the remote locations are interconnected at the NOC. These services include Internet and Public Telephony (PSTN). Tail or Backhaul connections to client data centres are also connected to the NOC.

If you would like further information on how your business could benefit from, and reduce costs by, using satellite broadband, please contact Kangaroo Tech directly.


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